Rope Access Equipment

At KC Specialised Access, we take our equipment very seriously. All Rope Access equipment is logged individually and all of the information on each piece of equipment gets recorded, such as manufacturing date, its specific identification number, breaking strength etc. All Rope Access Equipment gets a full inspection by a competent person every 6 months but it also gets inspected every day on each job by the individual user. Any piece of equipment that fails the inspection gets repaired, recycled or disposed. Every piece of equipment has its own special use according to its specifications as set out by the manufacturer. It can’t and won’t be used for anything else, or outside of its specifications. It is important that we meet the safety standards at all times.

Petzl is a manufacturer of climbing, caving gear, work at height equipment based in Crolles, France. The company was created by the cave explorer Fernand Petzl in the mid 1970’s. They have a passion for inventing new solutions and equipment for Rope Access companies like us to keep advancing in our techniques and as their motto says ‘access the inaccessible’.