Rope Access Paperwork

Rope Access is definitely not just ropes and equipment, there is a lot of paperwork. We have systems in place for every project, documents and files that have to be kept up to date at all times and relevant to each job. Here are some different documents that we prepare for each job:

We have a detailed safety file relevant to every site that we work on. In our safety file, you will find documents such as employee certificates, medicals, toolbox talks which are done on a daily basis, rescue plans, RAMS documents, SWMS (Safe Working Method Statement), Public Liability Insurance, Workmen’s compensation documents and the list goes on.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement: Before a job can begin, our team of Rope Access Technicians will assess the site and project in detail and make note of any possible hazards or risks. These get evaluated and documented on the Risk Assessment. A Method Statement details how a particular task will be carried out so as to avoid the risks assessed in the Risk Assessment, showing how the work will be managed safely. Both of these documents are made available in the site safety file.

Rescue Plans: These documents are created by our Level 3 Supervisor. No site is the same, so no rescue plan will be the same which makes them site specific. The rescue plan will describe the method of rescue and evacuation procedures.

Tool Box Talks: Each and every day, the Site Supervisor on site will evaluate any new hazards and any new topics relevant to the site will be discussed with the crew before the work commences for the day. These toolbox talks are documented and signed off by everyone on the crew and made available in the safety file.

That’s a little bit of an insight into some of the paperwork that runs behind the scenes at KC Specialised Access. All of this is to ensure our team’s absolute safety on a work site.