Rope Access Safety and Advantages

Is Rope Access safe? Definitely, KC Specialised Access onforms to IRATA’s strict safety procedures at all times. Our Rope Access Technicians go through rigorous and complex training every 3 years to make sure that they are all up to date on new rules and regulations. IRATA has an unmatched safety record for work at height. IRATA is internationally recognized and runs a strict system that controls Rope Access training facilities, curriculum, companies and technicians. It is an audited system that ensures absolute correctness and uniformity in practice on all levels. We ensure that our employees work in teams of two at all times, but mostly our teams all work together which ensures the highest safety when it comes to rescue systems.

At KC Specialised Access, safety is our number one priority. Thanks to the evolution of equipment and techniques used, Rope Access has seen the lowest incidence of accidents in the entire access industry.


There are many advantages to using Rope Access. Rope Access methods offer an extensive range of solutions. Here are some key advantages:


Rope Access requires much less time for setup and ‘take down’ compared to erecting scaffold or bringing in cradles. KC Specialised Access technicians will be on site and on the ropes usually within minutes depending on the site. We mostly work from top down meaning minimal disruption at ground level which allows our Clients to carry on with their daily activities. The same cannot be said for scaffolding, which takes up a lot of ground space.


When a plant is offline for repairs or maintenance, precious money can be wasted. KC Specialised Access understands that time is money and our quick access solutions are designed to save our Clients time and reduce costs.

Scaffolding will always have a place in the construction industry, but with scaffolding you must pay for the operatives to erect the structure and then to do the work at hand. With scaffolding, the higher the building, the more expensive it gets, with Rope Access the cost doesn’t go up nearly as much. In the end, the combined cost of scaffolding equipment and labour will outweigh the cost of simply hiring a small team of Rope Access Technicians.


The longer a job takes, the more money it costs the business. Rope Access is definitely the quicker option when it comes to getting a job done. While it might take days to erect scaffolding or install cradles, it takes a Rope Access Team minutes to a few hours to rig up their ropes and get the work on the go.


As we have mentioned above, Rope Access is a very safe method of working at height. It has an enviable safety record, and statistically speaking it is the safest way to carry out work at height thanks to the necessary training and safety standards set out by IRATA


At the end of every day, we remove our ropes and equipment, leaving you with no unsightly scaffolding or large cradles. You wouldn’t even know we had been there at all.