KC Specialised Access has an experienced Inspection team who are dedicated to the inspection and survey of various types of structures.

Merging Rope Access with any type of inspection allows Inspectors to reach difficult areas more quickly and safely than traditional options allowing for a quicker turn around and saving our Clients money.

Some of our services include:

  • ‘Real Time/Live Feed’ video/photographic inspections. These video inspections will be handed over with the final report. Our technicians perform the inspection using high definition digital video cameras with a live-feed connection to an on-site monitor. Project team members on the ground at the monitor can communicate in real-time with technicians via two-way radios. This service enables Clients to ask questions to clarify observations and to request additional areas to be inspected.
  • Close Visual or photographic inspections as mentioned above.
  • ‘Tap testing’ inspections. All areas of the exterior are hammer sounded by light tapping across the surface of brick, render or concrete. Particular attention is paid to column edges, beam edges etc.