Rope Access Supervisors

On every site, you will have a qualified Level 3 Rope Access Technician. This is to ensure that the proper procedures are always being followed with regards to safety, quality, service and protocol. This is an absolute must for a company that adheres to IRATA regulations and is put in place to ensure that the highest level of safety is consistently maintained. Site supervisors are qualified in complex rescues and first aid, ensuring that our crew is in the best hands at all times.

The Level 3 is ultimately responsible for the whole team of Rope Techs on his site. You can be assured that a Level 3 on your site, will have at least 2000 logged on the ropes with at least 2 years’ experience (the minimum required to have advanced to this level) but most of our Level 3’s have much more experience and hours logged than that. Not only does a level 3 have to have the necessary hours and experience, they also have to be great team leaders and planners. The Level 3 oversees the whole project as well as the team of Rope Technicians and signs off on their logbooks based on what work they have done on the project. The job of a Level 3 is very similar to that of a normal Construction supervisor but with the added skill and responsibility of dealing with workers at height on ropes.

One of our Directors is a Level 3 Rope Access Technician, he has over 6000 logged ‘rope’ hours and experience in almost anything you can think of. He is the one making sure that any other Level 3 hired works up to IRATA’s standard. In this way, KC Specialised Access takes a hands on approach, understanding exactly what is required and implementing strategies and protocol based not only on IRATA but firsthand experience and training.