Rope Access Training and Personnel

Each country usually has their own governing body for Rope Access, which sets out their rules and regulations for their technicians. IRATA on the other hand, is the leading WORLDWIDE organization for Rope Access. With it being an international, worldwide organization, you know you are getting the BEST. At KC Specialised Access we employ IRATA trained technicians which means our Clients will receive the BEST

IRATA Rope Access training consists of 3 levels. Level 1 and 2 Technicians are to always be supervised by a Level 3 Technician. Graduating and advancing up each level requires a Rope Access Technician to complete extensive hours logged on the ropes. These hours get logged in an IRATA logbook which is one of the most important piece of documentation a Rope Access Technician will have. It will contain their hours worked on the ropes as well as experience gained while using Rope Access. All of these hours get signed by a Level 3 Technician on the site. This is how KC Specialised Access works, by the book.

It’s definitely not easy to gain these certifications and it takes a certain level of fitness and knowledge to move up the levels. IRATA runs strict training programs and an outside assessor comes in to assess the individuals on their skills and knowledge before they move up to the next level. These certificates are not easy to forge, and even if they were forged, IRATA has a system on their website that you can check if individual certificates are valid and haven’t expired.

So when you choose to go with KC Specialised Access, rest assured you will have a team of qualified, trained and experienced Rope Access Technicians working on your job.